Friday, January 1, 2010

Nuts for Neurons.

High blood sugar has an accomplice: elevated triglycerides, which may de a hidden cause of nerve damage in people with diabetes. In a University of Michigan study, diabetic participants whose triglyceride levels were highest had 25 percent more nerve damage after a year than those with lower levels, regardless of either group’s glucose levels. “High triglycerides probably leads to oxidative stress, which may cause injury to motor and sensory neurons,” says study author Eva Feldman, MD, PhD. If your triglycerides are above 150 milligrams per deciliter, swap refined carbohydrates for a daily dose of pistachios. Snacking on 3 ounces of pistachios daily can lower your triglycerides by 22 percent. Did I mention to you that I was a RN?, Registered Nurse to be exact. Back when I was still college to I used to take vitamins and supplement or the so called brain enhancers. Because you know in the medical field when you are still studying you really need to memorize the lesson not just understand because if you forgot the term your damn dead. I spend much more money in the supplements rather a bottle of pistachio nuts. If only this article was release when I was still studying maybe I became a Cum Laude or far more a Board Topnotcher with much more money in my pocket.

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