Saturday, February 20, 2010

Healthy Way of Losing Weight


 Losing Weight in unhealthy way is way much faster, but yet it is crucial, putting your life at risk just to have the weight and the trim of your body that you want,  and then after a few gaining weight again. But did you know that there certain way to lose weight in much healthier way, without endangering yourself, do not disrupting the normal metabolism of your body, thus maintaining your weight and not getting your weigh back up again.
Here are some healthy way of losing weight.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Sex Toys? Are they Safe?

In our today's era, sex toys has become a booming product. We often see that kind of thing in the pornographic films, thank goodness that child pornography is almost eradicated. But we don't know, even the normal couple use sex toys as part of their sexual life as partners. But the question is, are they safe?

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Health Care of the United States

I am just concern, and very intrigue in what is happening in the health care of the United States, I just found this article, and  I am very disappointed, I am nurse so I am also concern about the health care of U.S because nurses have high salary in the U.S, if health care is not prioritize, I am also affected, because I will not get hired, I will just settle for the low salary country like in the Philippines. I want you to read the whole article, for you to assess what is happening to the health care of the country of United States.

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reBlog from Tips To Develop Six Pack Abs Fast

I found this fascinating quote today:

Thus, to develop six pack abs fast, one can consider following key points such as: ·    Consumption of nutritious and fat-less food: You must consume green vegetables, pulses, fruits, chicken, eggs, oatmeal and many more. It will surely help you reach your six pack goal fast. ·    Drink lots of water: As it will flash out all raw material from the body and help to clean the digestive system. ·    Regular Exercising: Exercise has to be carried on regular bases at least 3 times a week to develop six packs abdominal consistently. One can do various exercises including crunches, strength training and cardio exercise such as hiking, jogging, running, swimming, jumping etc. ·    A good fat loss workout: You must eliminate all fats from your body. It will show your muscles, Tips To Develop Six Pack Abs Fast, Feb 2010

You should read the whole article.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Calories in Fruit Juices

Calories in fruit juices: Ranked from low to high
Juice Portion Calories
Lemon juice 1 tablespoon 3
Lime juice 1 tablespoon 3
Orange, canned 1 cup 52
Orange 1 cup 66
Orange, frozen, diluted 1 cup 66
Grapefruit, unsweetened 1 cup 94
Grapefruit, frozen, diluted 1 cup 101
Lemonade, powder, diluted 1 cup 112
Grapefruit, sweetened 1 cup 115
Cranberry, unsweetened 1 cup 116
Apple, plain 1 cup 117
Fruit punch drink 1 cup 117
Grape, frozen, diluted 1 cup 128
Lemonade, frozen, diluted 1 cup 131
Pineapple, canned, unsweetened 1 cup 133
Apricot nectar 1 cup 141
Grape drink, canned 1 cup 153
Grape, bottled 1 cup 154
Prune 1 cup 182
Source: USDA, all measurements approximate.

Calories in Fruit

Calories in fruit: Ranked from low to high
Fruit Portion Calories
Starfruit 1/2 cup 16
Apricot 1/2 cup 17
Lemon, no peel 1/2 cup17
Watermelon 1/2 cup 23
Strawberries 1/2 cup 26
Apple 1/2 cup26
Papaya 1/2 cup 27
Cantaloup 1/2 cup 27
Plums 1/2 cup 30
Honeydew melon 1/2 cup 30
Quince 1/2 cup 30
Blackberries 1/2 cup 31
Raspberries 1/2 cup 32
Peach 1/2 cup 33
Pineapple 1/2 cup 37
Grapefruit, white 1/2 grapefruit39
Apricots, dried 5 halves 42
Blueberries 1/2 cup 42
Cherries, sweet 10 cherries 43
Cherries, sour, canned 1/2 cup 44
Tangerine 1/2 cup 45
Kiwi 1/2 cup 46
Pear 1/2 cup 48
Pear, asian 1/2 cup 51
Pomegranate 1/2 cup 52
Mango 1/2 cup 53
Peaches, canned, juice 1/2 cup 54
Grapes 1/2 cup 55
Fruit cocktail, juice 1/2 cup 55
Orange 1/2 cup 56
Apricots, canned, juice 1/2 cup 58
Nectarine 1/2 cup 60
Pears, canned, juice 1/2 cup 62
Banana 1/2 cup 67
Plums, canned, juice 1/2 cup 73
Pineapple, canned, juice 1/2 cup 74
Grapefruit, canned, sweetened 1/2 cup 76
Mandarin orange, canned, sweetened 1/2 cup 77
Apple, dried 5 rings78
Peach, canned, syrup 1/2 cup 87
Plantains 1/2 cup 90
Fruit cocktail, syrup 1/2 cup 91
Figs, dried 2 figs 95
Pears, canned, syrup 1/2 cup 98
Pineapple, canned, syrup 1/2 cup 99
Apricots, canned, syrup 1/2 cup107
Plums, canned, syrup 1/2 cup 115
Strawberries, frozen, sweetened 1/2 cup 122
Fruit, frozen, mixed 1/2 cup123
Raspberries, frozen, sweetened 1/2 cup 129
Prunes 1/2 cup 132
Blueberries, sweetened 1/2 cup 193
Raisins 1/2 cup 217
Dates 1/2 cup 251
Source: USDA, all measurements approximate.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

6-Pack Abs Without Crunching

 Having a 6 pack abs, is very easy to imagine, but very hard to do. You always need to do crunching, sit ups, more pain inyour gut, without seeing any effect of those hard exercise, what you don't realize is to build a 6 pack abs not just need to concentrate on the rectus abdominis, but you also need to work other group of your muscle. Including the quads, the obliques and the back muscle, if you maximize those muscle groups plus the abdomen you will see results in no time. You also need a very good diet to see the underneath muscles of the abdomen, 6 pack will not show up even if it is big if there are fats covering them. What I do to get rid of those fats in the abdomen, is the diet that I called "supermeal" I eat carbs in the morning as well as meat and vegetables, I also eat the same type of food in lunch, but during night I only eat pineapple. I get rid of 2inches of my belly fats in 2days no kidding, try it to see it for yourself.

Watch some video for the abs exercise
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