Friday, January 1, 2010

Improving neck muscles to make them look wider and muscular?

Let’s take our cue from wrestlers, as Carlomagno Canta, CSCS, points out that a strong neck for a wrestler is the equivalent of a strong back for a strength athlete. The neck bridge, known to some as wrestler’s bridge, is an exercise that puts serious pressure on those muscles. To do this, lie flat on your back then lift your body, keeping your feet and head on the floor, thus forming a kind of bridge. This move should be performed carefully as it can be dangerous. Canta says that boxers also strengthen their necks by wrapping a towel around a dumbbell, biting on the towel and rocking their head back and forth. This helps them withstand the whiplash effect of those quick punches. I used to have a forward head, so that’s why they call me a Neanderthal because of that and I also learned that the reason of my forward head is I have weak neck muscle. This information will be beneficial for us who also suffers the same condition.

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