Friday, January 15, 2010

Thinking about having Cancer Society of the Earth

I am thinking about building a cancer society blog not for just one nation but for the whole world, because I notice to my patient that have cancer, they just like to stay at home and search the web, search if there is cure to their illness, but I also notice that they need someone to talk to, someone that can understand them, so maybe I can start a blog, telling the daily happenings in the hospital, and you can also share your thoughts with me.I will post the blogsite, and maybe if there is someone out there that is willing to help me to establish the blogsite I am very thankful to that person. You can email me if you want to. My name is Victor I am a Filipino Nurse, and I am willing to help cancer patients that need my help, just stay with God and stay with me, you can surpass all this trials. Email at Hope that we can establish the blogsite so we change thoughts and ideas and have conversation. I am willing to hear and read your story. God Bless.

This is my propose blogsite that we should develop.
Earth Cancer Society

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