Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fighting and Surviving Cancer

For decades of years experts, finding ways to fight and cure and cancer, trying every substance that can, stop, kill, eradicate cancer cells from reproducing and invading the body, but for some, to the cancer patients they just lose hope. There are some people saying that it's all in the mind, if you believe that you're body can stop the cancer, you can stop it. So why we don't try it if we don't have anything to lose, believe in ourselves and believe in God that one day we will wake up and free from cancer, I just wrote this, because I am concern to the cancer patients because I'm a nurse. I see their pain and suffering from the illness, but I don't want them to lose hope. I don't have tips or selling something for you to buy and be cure, I just want you to don't lose hope, because the mere fact that I touch one life with this simple writing, I feel that I am very bless, I would like to share that blessing to other. Don't lose hope, and most don't quit on God, because if you feel that you are tired and can't run. He will carry you, to remove all you're suffering. Maybe this post is not a health guide, it's more a spiritual guide, but still there are people here like me, willing to hear story from that need comfort. I'm just not God, but I assure, I will help you. God bless...

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