Friday, January 1, 2010

What do you prefer as the much healthier milk, a powdered filled milk or fresh milk in a carton?

UP- based nutritionist Luz Callanta RND, says that in terms of nutritional value, milk from a tin can is equally good as milk from a carton. The difference is a matter of preference. To some people, pouring a glass is simply more convenient, albeit definitely more expensive. Callanta explains that milk is made into powder by a spray drying process, also used in making coffee, flavourings and various medicines. This lengthens shelf life minus the need for refrigeration, but keeps the nutrients intact. As both powdered and liquid variety can be fortified with vitamins and minerals, you can easily make a choice depending on what suits your taste and your budget. I used to drink milk way back when I still went to the gym. And for me I much prefer the milk from the carton because I thought it was much healthier but a lot more expensive, but because of this article I now knew that powder milk and fresh milk from the carton are just about the same. So what do you think I used now? Nah don’t bother to guess. Just pick your milk that suits you.”

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