Friday, January 1, 2010

Athlete’s Foot gets rid of it unless you are an athlete

With the rainy season comes, all kinds of foot problems emerged, one of them is the athlete’s foot also called as tinea pedis or “alipunga in native Filipino language. This can be easily remedied by better foot handling or should I say better foot footling nonetheless better foot care. According to Dr. Mark Homer Tiangco, MD, medical director of Marikina’s Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy Clinic, soaking your feet in warm water and applying foot lotion (usually with sulfur as the active ingredient) are simple measures that help resolve this common ailment. Using foot powder to keep your feet dry will prevent bacteria form causing more damage, too. If none of these help, it’s better to visit a dermatologists or a podiatrist, as the latter specializes in foot and heel problems.

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